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Are your knees knocking at the thought of walking into a classroom for the very first time this fall? Have no fear!

We asked our friends on Facebook to share their best pearls of wisdom for new teachers, and they generously sent their inspiration, advice and need-to-know strategies

Will you be in a classroom, library program, after-school club or all of these this Fall?  Don’t be nervous — be prepared!


Highlights from the We Are Teachers blog article:

  • The 3 Cs:  “Be CLEAR on your expectations for behavior and performance. Be CONSISTENT—follow through so students know what to expect from you as a teacher. Be COMPASSIONATE—show your students that you really care about them and want them to succeed.” —Oktobriana Idol
  • Routines Are Your Friends: “They should be the first things that you teach!” —Mollie Ann Lucot
  • Let Students Have a Voice: “Invite them to help in goal setting. Don’t be afraid to let them have choices. Have thick skin.” —Dan Heding
  • You’re Guarding Treasure: “Remember that parents are sending their most prized possessions. They are not hiding any others at home. They are sending their best. Respect that.” —Lyn Atkins


Read the full article for more great advice and ideas.

The comments have more good ideas, too!