Dear WePAC Friends,
Our names are Rachel Wallace and Beth Holtzman, and we are the two newest additions to the WePAC team.  We recently moved to Philadelphia, where we are part of a 10 month community service fellowship through the nonprofit organization Repair the World.  We both are California natives and recent college graduates (Rachel UC Santa Cruz ’13; Beth UC Berkeley ’13).
We are excited to be working with WePAC this year and are looking forward to not only helping out in the libraries, but also assisting with volunteer recruitment.  Through our passion for service, belief in education reform, and love of reading, we hope to establish a stable volunteer cohort for WePAC.  We believe in the importance of giving back to the community and inspiring others through providing them meaningful service opportunities, such as those offered through WePAC.
We will both be working at the Huey School library, which will be opening in January.  Thus far, we have been hard at work setting up the library, sorting through books, transporting books to the library, cataloguing books, and so much more in preparation for WePAC’s newest school library.
Please feel free to be in touch with us with any questions, or simply to reach out to say, “hello.” We look forward to meeting you in the near future, and are excited to be on board.
Wishing you a great start to the 2014 year.
Rachel and Beth
Beth Holtzman RTW Philly

Beth Holtzman, Repair the World

Rachel Wallace, RTW Fellow

Rachel Wallace, Repair the World Fellow

Rachel and Beth are WePAC Library volunteers at the Huey School and Fellows with Repair the World who have committed to an entire year of service in their community, developing partnerships with local organizations doing great work and rallying local volunteers to help them do even more. Contact them at or