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The creative juices were really flowing at the March Inservice training event!

Complete notes and materials on the “Visuals and Activities”, “Teacher Appreciation Ideas”, and the “Lightbulb blog” (WordPress) exercises from the training are now available.

Visual Display Projects & Literacy Activities:

Staff Appreciation:

Lightbulb training!

  • WePAC Lightbulb Instructions_In-service training  This is a New User Guide with instructions on registering for a WordPress account, writing a post, and replying to a post with a comment.
  • WePAC Lightbulb Exercises  This is a quick exercise sheet to practice navigating the blog (Where’s Waldo?) and to practice writing a post.  WePAC has a special training account (username: “wepactraining”) if you would like to practice.  Contact Mica for more information!