This week Heston got an update with a furniture move, and the book shift is following closely on its heels.

Heston received 10 short shelves, perfect for young students to browse the picture book section, and today we lined the new reading area with the bright new picture book collection!

08152013 Heston collage

But we also pulled a “switcheroo” (not a very technical library term!), and moved the non-fiction books that temporarily sat on the short shelves, and these started making their way across the library carpet over toward the non-fiction area, which will now feature a special biography section!

08152013 Heston collage 2

Books about people are popular with the Heston kids, and we can’t wait to introduce the library classes to some wonderful new people– athletes, activists, U.S. Presidents, inventors and scientific pioneers, historical figures, musicians and of course, some great writers, too.

Thank you, team!  We also ate some celebration snacks in honor of everyone’s awesome work this summer and Connie’s birthday.  Connie is our cataloging team leader and guru–she has cataloged many thousands of books in the past school year alone!

Please join us next Wednesday for another exciting workday and a special surprise.

The push is on!

Want to help us to get the library in tip-top shape for mid-September?  Contact Mica or Morgan to learn more!