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Welcome to Edward Heston School in West Philadelphia!

WePAC is gearing up for a great September in the library by updating the school library with new furniture and books.

Go 07102013 Heston09 go team Go 06262013 Heston6 go team

Our volunteer team is organized and mighty!

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The project began by delivering more than 100 boxes of books from Leidy School to Heston School.

B 06242013 Heston- 2 before B 06262013 Heston9 before


In the last 2 weeks, the team has begun to transform the library book collection!

D 07032013 Heston1 during D 06262013 Heston2 during  D 07032013 Heston5 duringD 06262013 Heston1 during

We have 2 months left to complete the summer project, and although the team is moving ahead of schedule, plenty of activities remain for us to prepare for fall.

Please contact mica@wepac.org or morgan@wepac.org to lend a hand!  Summer volunteering is very flexible, fun, and it makes a big positive impact on our schools.

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Stay tuned for the next update!