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Thank you to our veteran volunteers who attended our first Destiny training this past week.  I hope you learned some new tips on searching for and accessing books in automated WePAC libraries.  In case you missed it:

What are the benefits of using an automated library collection system?  What can it do?

*       Look up books by title, author and subject

  • Easier & quicker searching: students check out more books
  • Find non-fiction books without memorizing Dewey Decimal
  • Supports curricula, research projects, teacher instruction
  • Identifying “gaps” in the collection is easier

*       Easier inventory: track where books are & when they are due

  • Can reduce mistakes and confusion
  • Helpful for substitute teachers (what classroom has a book; what student)
  • Information more accessible to administrators to plan and budget for books

*       Check books in and out of the system, to students and to teachers

  • Learn students’ names!
  • Quicker process, allowing more library time with students & teachers

Want to learn more about the system?

Library teams will be holding new Destiny user orientations this Fall — contact Mica for more information.