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Our terrific newspaper team at McMichael Elementary rolled out their end of the year articles and we’ve decided to do an online edition. Check out these great stories:

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The Extraordinary Journey of Mr. Wallace

by Darien Howard and Spencer Parker

The reason behind out interview is that we wanted to know how Mr. Wallace became a principal and the things he has planned for next year.

The Origins

As a teenager, Mr. Wallace attended Germantown High School. One day Mr. Wallace went with his mentor Mr. Charles Whiting to Dobbins High School where Mr. Whiting was a principal. As they walked through the school everyone was saying hello to Mr. Whiting and Mr. Wallace liked that everybody respected Mr. Whiting. From that day on, he knew he wanted to become a school principal. But Mr. Whiting told him he had to be a teacher first.

Professional Experience

After he was a teacher for some time, he became a principal. During the summer, Mr. Wallace will stay at school and work. We asked Mr. Wallace what he planned for next year and he said that next year we will try to be more quiet in the hallways and have better transitions to other classes. Next year, he will try to have more trips to different museums, the zoo, and the Franklin Institute.

Thanks, Mr. Wallace, for taking the time to speak with us. We learned a lot about you.

Top 5 Movies Coming Out in Summer

by Diavian Ross, Sakiya Howard, and Tiara Todd

  1. Think Like a Man 2
  2. Spiderman 2
  3. Godzilla
  4. Transformers 4
  5. X-Men

Top 5 Things to Do in the Summer

by Diavian Ross, Sakiya Howard, and Tiara Todd

  1. Amusement Parks
  2. Linvilla Orchards
  3. Cookouts, Barbecues, and Block Parties
  4. Cold Showers
  5. Go to the Beach

Top 5 Things to Eat in the Summer

by Diavian Ross, Sakiya Howard, and Tiara Todd

  1. Water Ice
  2. Pizza
  3. Funnel Cake
  4. Fruit Salad
  5. Cheesesteak


by Kevin Lewis-Wright   

Q: What has an eye but cannot see? (Scroll down for answer)

Q: What has a tongue but cannot talk? (Scroll down for answer)

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Click here to read Delta by John Hassell

Answers to Riddles:

A: A sewing needle

A: Shoes!!