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NBC10.com/Tim Furlong

By Queen Muse  |  Tuesday, Oct 15, 2013  |  Updated 9:21 AM EDT

Parents of students attending Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School in Roxborough say the School District of Philadelphia has left them in the dark about potential classroom changes and shifts in teacher assignments set to happen this month as part of the district’s “leveling” process.

“There’s just no clear-cut information,” co-president of the Cook-Wissahickon Home School Association Tom Alexander said. “First there was rumor that this process was over. Now the rumor is that nothing will be official until the [Oct.] 15th. You never know what to believe now because nobody in the District seems to be releasing any public information.”

Leveling is an annual process through which the district assesses school attendance to determine where teachers are needed most. According to school district spokesman Fernando Gallard, due to lack of funding, the leveling process has been more challenging for the district this year.

“It is much more difficult this year because, in prior years, we had the money to be able to add teachers,” Gallard said. “This year we cannot add teachers. So, what we have to do is move teachers around to be able to meet the needs of the students.”

Alexander, who has both a son and a daughter attending Cook-Wissahickon, said he and other parents have no idea what the district’s leveling process will mean for their children’s school.

Will they lose teachers? Will their children’s classrooms double in size? Will the school’s classrooms be split-grade?


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