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With a hair over a week left on the Literacy Scavenger Hunt clock, this morning a WePAC volunteer called our office:

I’m ready to go “scaventeering” today!

What a funny word!  What’s a scaventeer?

Volunteers who hit yard sales, check out office supply store clearance bins, and search online resources (i.e., Freecycle, Book Mooch, Abe Books, Craigslist Free section, etc.) to collect materials.

These folks do a great volunteer service for WePAC kids and programs!

What might you find?

  • Milk crates
  • Floor lamps
  • Desk lamps
  • Decorative carpets in good condition
  • Carpet squares/ carpet samples
  • Wall maps or Globes
  • Kid magazines
  • Scissors, Staplers, Hole-punchers, Tape dispensers
  • Dry-erase boards, Cork boards or Bulletin boards
  • Magnets

WePAC is also looking for new volunteers and friends to help us open our libraries with expanded hours, to work with kids after school, and to support classroom teachers during literacy instruction.

Do you know any Scaventeers?  We’d love to meet you!