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By law, each of Pennsylvania's 26 state prisons is required to have:

A librarian with a master's degree

A collection of at least 5000 books

Subscriptions to at least 20 periodicals

Seating for at least 20No such requirements exist for our schools.

You’ve probably seen the WePAC video that shows the legal differences between library funding requirements for prisons versus schools.

The public libraries that are most likely to be built right now are in the new state prisons that Pennsylvania intends to construct.

Libraries in prisons aren’t the problem, but where is the funding for school libraries and other critical school programming?

When the school district is running a multi-million dollar deficit, funding for school programs in the 2012-2013 school year is not looking good.  Students need more dollars for education!

Decarcerate PA is one group proposing changes to free up financial resources for public education.

The group has two events coming up this Friday (March 30) and next Thursday (April 5): http://decarceratepa.info/

I’d love to hear other education advocacy ideas and plans that can support our young folks!