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Next week’s community meetings have been scheduled to discuss Superintendent Hite’s recommended school closings and school changes (following).  Please note, the school district is also accepting and publishing alternative proposals on school closings.

WePAC partners GompersCassidy: Facilities Master Plan Community Meeting

Tuesday, January 22nd, 6 p.m.- 8 p.m.

Overbrook High School, 5898 Lancaster Avenue (19131).

To discuss impact on Lamberton High School, Beeber, Gompers, Overbrook Elementary School and Cassidy and learn more about the recommendations, share input and ask questions.

WePAC partners LeidyMcMichael: Facilities Master Plan Community Meeting

Wednesday, January 23rd, 6 p.m.- 8 p.m.

University City High School, 3601 Filbert Street (19104).

To discuss impact on University City High School, Robeson, Alexander Wilson, Leidy and McMichael and learn more about the recommendations, share input and ask questions.

Our thanks to the West Philadelphia Coalition for Neighborhood Schools (WPCNS) for providing updates.

THIS WEEK at Wednesday’s meeting on closings at Bartram High School, Hite also announced that the District’s next round of community meetings, to be held in February, would offer more specifics about implementation and transition plans for each school to be closed.

In the crowd was City Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, who said her West Philadelphia constituents aren’t happy about the situation at all.  “They’re very upset,” Blackwell said. “They feel left out of the discussion, left out of being part of the solution. They just don’t know what to do.

“At all the meetings I’ve been to, [residents] agree that they’re willing to consider some, but not all of these closings,” said Blackwell, adding that City Council plans hearings on the subject in February. (from “A message on repeat: Closings are painful but will pay off, Hite says” | the notebook)

One of the counter proposals, published on the district’s website: “Clouden’s Proposal,” from Mama Gail’s Community Network, is an alternative set of recommendations for school closings in West and Southwest Philadelphia.

To submit a recommendation to the District, email fmp@philasd.org.

The School Reform Commission is expected to vote on the closing recommendations in March.  Final decisions will take effect at the end of this school year, and new school grades and transfers begin next Fall.


For reference, following are the district’s recommendations for WePAC partner schools (published in the Facilities Master Plan, Summary of Recommendations):


School #20)     Gompers Elementary School (5701 Wynnefield Avenue, 19131):

Gompers is a K-6 Elementary School.  Students will be reassigned to:

  • New K-8 program at the Beeber Middle School building

Planning Area: West

School #22)     Leidy Elementary School (1301 Belmont Avenue, 19104):

Leidy is a K-8 Elementary School.  Students will be offered the following reassignment options:

  • Blankenburg Elementary School
  • Heston Elementary School

Planning Area: West

School #23)     McMichael Elementary School (3543 Fairmount Avenue, 19104):

McMichael is a K-8 Elementary School.  Students will be offered the following reassignment options:

  • Martha Washington Elementary School
  • Middle Years Alternative
  • Locke Elementary School

Planning Area: West


School #12)     Cassidy Elementary School (6523 Lansdowne Avenue, 19151):

Currently a K-6 elementary school.  Students in grades 5 and 6 will transition to (new) Beeber Elementary School.

Planning Area: West


  1.  Grade changes – Change to the current grade organization of a school.  For example: expanding the grade organization of a school from k-5 to a k-8.
  2.  School closure – Closure of a current school program that includes, in the majority of the cases, the closure of a building.