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How many free gift cards have supporters at each school raised?

Remember, 25 votes = $25 gift card for school supplies.  If you voted last week, you can vote again!

Anderson- 0 votes
Blankenburg- 1 vote
Cassidy- 19 votes
Cook-Wiss- 118 votes
Gompers- 12 votes
Heston- 40 votes
Lea- 150 votes              *SECOND PLACE*
Leidy- 1 vote Vote!
Longstreth- 0 votes Vote!
McMichael- 0 votes Vote!
Powel- 160 votes            *FIRST PLACE*
Rhoads- 130 votes Vote!     *THIRD PLACE*

Voting links for WePAC schools are in the August 2nd post: Target votes for WePAC schools!

Do you have Facebook friends?

Ask them to adopt a WePAC school by inviting friends to click a school and cast their vote.  Anderson, Blankenburg, Leidy, Longstreth and McMichael need a boost up for their first gift card.  Anderson and McMichael are new WePAC schools — will you vote for one?

Thanks for being a friend to the WePAC schools!