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About the wonderful work that WePAC is doing for the children of West Philadelphia! As volunteers, you know better than anyone else that good people are the heart of our organization and we figure that you must know a few more good people who would love to contribute to the work you do. That is why we need your help. Next year, WePAC wants to continue working towards our mission of offering library programs to K-4 students in the schools we serve. That means we would need to add several program days, train new volunteer captains and, in some cases, prepare teams to work with larger class sizes as a result of school closures.

In the face of the School District of Philadelphia’s impending “Doomsday Budget,” our work has become even more important. Across all grade levels, there is currently no funding for counselors, support staff, administrative staff, after-school programs, art and music, or librarians for the upcoming school year.

For these reasons and many more, WePAC is embarking on a campaign to add at least 100 new volunteers to its rolls for the fall semester. We know that you, our current volunteers, are the best ambassadors for this mission. You are the best witnesses to the reality that despite the challenges in the schools, good work is being done by great people in West Philadelphia!

Below you will find information about our work and programs. We ask that you share this information in your church bulletins, with your book groups, unions and professional organizations, or anywhere else that you think that WePAC’s work and mission might resonate. We are also available to speak to groups about how they can be involved with our organization. Contact Morgan with any requests for group talks.

We appreciate everything that you do to support West Philadelphia children and we look forward to seeing you this fall (with a few friends in tow)!


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The West Philadelphia Alliance for Children (WePAC) serves the critical literacy needs of West Philadelphia’s youngest students through three programs: our Library Program reopens unfunded elementary school libraries so that children can regularly circulate books; the Classroom Program pairs volunteers with individual teachers for in-class literacy mentoring; After-School Newspaper Clubs give students an avenue to share their views and opinions with their entire school community!

In order to serve public elementary schools, with increasingly stretched resources, WePAC needs to enroll 100 new volunteers for the fall semester! If you’d like to learn more about how to be involved, or if you’d like to have a WePAC representative come speak to your organization or group, contact Morgan Rogers at 267-443-3224 or email her at morgan@wepac.org!