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As the school year comes to a close, WePAC is very excited to share a few summer volunteer opportunities. We know that our volunteers are very talented and have many skills to offer the organization and we want to talk to you if you think some of yours fit the following opportunities! Contact Morgan (267-443-3224 or morgan@wepac.org) to express your interest for any of the positions listed here.Image

Curriculum Development Volunteers

Need:    3-5 volunteers

Commitment:    2-3 hours bi-weekly (summer), 2-3 hours monthly (school year)

Requirements:   Professional library or elementary education experience preferred

WePAC is looking for a team of 3-5 volunteers with backgrounds in teaching, education or school libraries to form a curriculum team. The support most requested by our library teams is a curriculum outline to help navigate the school year and prompt them with ideas for topics and themes, book selections and accompanying activities. Responsibilities of Curriculum Development Volunteers include:

  • Working with the WePAC staff to create month-long themes/units which include: suggested reading lists and accompanying activities for 8 months of the school year in conjunction with the school district curriculum
  • Develop templates for one activity pack per theme unit (8) to be replicated across libraries
  • Develop other helpful ancillary materials, including trainings, designed to enhance the educational benefits of our program and further develop library staff

If you are interested in affecting change across all of WePAC’s library programs, this is the opportunity for you! Please contact us to set up an individual interview.

Community Outreach Volunteers

Need:    5-7 volunteers

Commitment:    Flexible/per-event basis, year-round

Requirements:     Gift of gab, commitment to spreading the word about our program and finding unique ways to do so

Do you love to spread the word about the things that matter to you? WePAC is looking for a team of 5-7 Community Outreach Volunteers to represent children’s literacy in the Philadelphia community! We strongly believe that if more people knew about the great service that our volunteers do in West Philadelphia, more people would be on board and in the libraries helping our kids develop a love of reading! Community Outreach Volunteer responsibilities would include:

  • Working with WePAC’s Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator to find and staff community events for WePAC to attend
  • Disseminate WePAC literature and develop volunteer and in-kind donation leads
  • Working with WePAC staff to develop and execute fun WePAC driven outreach activities
  • Some neighborhood canvassing throughout West Philadelphia

Communications Intern/Volunteer

Need:    1 Communications Intern

Commitment:    15-20 hours per week (some telecommuting okay), for 6-8 weeks

Requirements:   Some college preferred, intermediate graphic design experience and access to graphic software, including Adobe Creative Suite and/or open source alternatives such as GIMP

We are looking for a creative and energetic self-starter who understands our simple mission–to foster a love of reading in Philadelphia’s children. We need your design and wordsmith skills to develop promotional materials and educational articles to rally, inspire and motivate people into action around children’s literacy in Philadelphia. Some other responsibilities might include:

  • Developing email campaigns for potential volunteers and funders
  • Writing press releases and pitching stories to local media
  • Developing and executing social media campaigns

It has been demonstrated that third grade reading levels predict graduation rates. In a city where only about 50% of high school students graduate, we think this work is kind of a big deal. Help us tell people about it!

This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity, but if you are eligible for college credit, WePAC would be happy to work with your school to provide that.

Library Collections Intern/Volunteer

Need:    1 Library Collections Intern

Commitment:    15-20 hours per week (some telecommuting okay), for 6-8 weeks

Requirements:   Some College required; some course work in Library Science preferred

WePAC, armed with a small army of dedicated volunteer librarians, works to open unfunded elementary school libraries in West Philadelphia so that the students can circulate books on a regular basis. As any good librarian knows, organization is the key to accessing information. In that vein, we’re looking for an organizational whiz to help us bring the Heston School Library’s collection up to snuff! Responsibilities may include:

  • Leading teams of volunteers in cataloguing new books to add to the collection and weeding outdated books
  • Working with Library Programs Coordinator to develop a work plan for preparing the library for use by grades three and four

The Heston School Library is a large, beautiful, atrium-like space, that we have only been able to use half of! Our goal this summer is to update the entire collection and organize the half of the library serving older students. If you are up to the challenge, we’d love to hear from you!

Event Planning Volunteers

Need: 3-5 Event Planning Volunteers

Commitment:    2-3 hours bi-weekly (summer), 2-3 hours monthly (school year); hours may increase    during event times

Requirements:   Solid organizational skills and a love of hosting a good party!

Throughout the school year WePAC hosts a variety of events for our volunteers, students and teachers with goals ranging from education and development to celebrations and fun author presentations. We need your help to make them a reality and to continue developing more for the WePAC community to enjoy! Here is what you can expect as a member of the Event Planning Team:

  • Work with WePAC staff to plan events including: the Annual Kick-off, End of the-Year Celebration; Library Week, New Library Openings, etc.
  • Help to identify new, event-driven ways to get WePAC’s name into the West Philadelphia community