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In our Free Target gift cards post from Monday, we mentioned how for every 25 votes a school gets, the school will receive $25 in Target gift cards to buy school supplies!

Do you have lots of friends on Facebook?  Why don’t you invite them to support our WePAC schools!

Some of our schools have lots of votes (and will get lots of money for school supplies), but some don’t have any yet!  Want to help an underdog or your home school-team?  Want to break the neck-and-neck tie between Rhoads and Powel?

Click a link and cast some votes!

  • Anderson- 0 votes           Vote!
  • Blankenburg- 0 votes        Vote!
  • Cassidy- 3 votes            Vote!
  • Cook-Wiss- 1 vote           Vote!
  • Gompers- 0 votes            Vote!
  • Heston- 0 votes             Vote!
  • Lea- 87 votes               Vote!   *FIRST PLACE, so far!*
  • Leidy- 1 vote               Vote!
  • Longstreth- 0 votes         Vote!
  • McMichael- 0 votes          Vote!
  • Powel- 63 votes             Vote!   *tied for SECOND PLACE, so far!*
  • Rhoads- 63 votes            Vote!   *tied for SECOND PLACE, so far!*