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the great friends & family literacy scavenger hunt

Thanks for kicking off Summer with WePAC’s Scavenger Hunt!

Teams of families, schools, board members and supporters have 3 weeks to collect items on the Scavenger Hunt List — library and school supplies!

The Literacy Scavenger Hunt runs Flag Day, Thurs., June 14 to midnight on Independence Day (July 4th).

Winners will be announced Thurs., July 5, after collected items are tallied at WePAC partner school Rhoads Elementary at 4901 Parrish Street, 19139.  WePAC is available to help unload and move any items.


  1. Invite friends & family to make up a team!
  2. Read and print the Scavenger Hunt List available at our Amazon.com event site (click here).  Please note: You do not have to purchase the items through the website to receive credit!
  3. Collect any Scavenger Hunt List items you wish!  We are proud to collect new and nearly new items for WePAC students and programs.  Items in good or average condition can be shared with Other Contacts included below.
  4. Ship or deliver items to WePAC’s school!  On July 5, bring items to the Rhoads Elementary School Library for tallying and entry into the contest.
  5. Be creative, and have a great time!  Invite neighbors, grandparents, classmates, co-workers and friends to look for and collect items on the Scavenger Hunt List.


  1. Kids get double points on school supplies!  Each item includes a point value.  School supplies receive double points if collected by kids and students on a team.  Total points will be given when items are collected on July 5.
  2. Consider raising money to buy a few items.  Donations to WePAC are tax-deductible!
  3. This is not a book drive!  Please contact WePAC staff before collecting items that are not on the Scavenger Hunt List.  Thanks for your support!
  4. WePAC board and staff members are not eligible to win prizes.  


  1. First place team will receive t-shirts for all team members and a framed certificate in WePAC’s new libraries that open this Fall.  The first place team will also be publicly recognized on a display banner at the Fall library opening celebration events.  You help make new programs happen!
    • Need a library globe?  The top winning WePAC school or library team will be invited to select up to 3 items for use in their WePAC school program.
  2. Second and third place teams (plus first place team) will receive special recognition in the quarterly WePAC newsletter – in digital and hard copies.
  3. All participating teams will be recognized on the main WePAC website, as well as the WePAC Lightbulb.


Other contacts:

  • Do you have spare books for older students or adults?  Books Through Bars is a neighborhood organization that collects and distributes used books to people in prison and to local West Philadelphia communities.
  • For good and average condition items collected, we invite you to share them with your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, Philly AIDS Thrift and other neighborhood thrift stores.

Thank you so much for participating with us!

Please contact Mica with any questions or for more information:  mica@wepac.org  Phone: 215-779-8359

West Philadelphia Alliance for Children

3603 Hamilton Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104


Check out the Scavenger Hunt List!