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The WePACket returns with a more polished format and a new section, The RePACket, that responds to your questions and feedback.

Be sure to check out Events and Opportunities to see the high profile that WePAC has had lately in the media and a poll about a spring volunteer open house where you could score some books for your school. There is also information on a unique opportunity for schools to take their classes to court to learn about democracy, see a jail cell, and eat pizza. It’s all free including transportation.

And there is more. Heather writes about research and Rachel flouts her fantasy. We introduce a volunteer who fights cancer, and a school where the principal dresses as The Cat in the Hat.

Ron Kanter, Editor


In This Issue

  • Heather’s Corner
  • Voice of a Volunteer
  • Events & Opportunities
  • Rachel’s Tip of the Month
  • The RePacket
  • School Spotlight


Questions or comments?  Post here or send them to volunteer@wepac.org.