At WePAC, reading is... fun! essential! a right! joyful! empowering!

The West Philadelphia Alliance for Children (WePAC) mobilizes volunteers to reopen and staff libraries in Philadelphia public schools to bring the joy of reading to elementary-age students through high-quality, diverse collections, access to books, and story read-alouds.

About Us

WePAC’s mission is to bring the joy of reading to Philadelphia kids by reopening and staffing public school libraries. As we build back post-pandemic, we currently operate 9 school libraries, with an emphasis on cultivating representative, high-quality book collections and engaging library programming.


WePAC’s libraries are 100% volunteer run and operated. Dedicated library volunteers are at the heart of our organization’s work and model. We also couldn’t do this work without the time and energy of groups supporting our library reopenings with one-time service projects.



We rely on the contributions of our generous donors to keep our libraries’ doors open. Your donation, large or small, supports our operations, buys high-quality books for our libraries, funds community outreach events, and makes everything we do possible. Thank you for your support! 

libraries reopened 


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