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Ways to Take Action for Public School Libraries in Philadelphia

WePAC and the Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools is forming a steering committee to advocate for school libraries with certified teacher librarians in all Philadelphia schools. How to get involved:
  • Reach out to info@wepac.org to express interest and/or apply to join the steering committee.
  • Contact the Board of Education of the School District of Philadelphia to explain why having a functioning school library with a full-time certified teacher librarian matters to you and ask the Board to prioritize funding libraries and librarians in District-operated schools.
    • Contact the Board online.
    • Send an email to schoolboard@philasd.org. Emails should include the subject line “Board Comments,” the name of the individual submitting the comments, and the individual’s home address.
    • Register to speak at a monthly Board meeting here.
    • Mail a letter to the Board at: The School District of Philadelphia, 440 N. Broad Street, Suite 101, Philadelphia, PA 19130
  • Contact your Philadelphia City Council member to ask them to prioritize funding libraries and librarians.
    • Find out who your City Councilperson is and how to contact them here.
  • Contact your State Senators and Representatives to encourage them to require all public schools to have certified teacher librarians with functioning libraries and to provide adequate funding for such a requirement. 
    • Ask your State Representative to support House Bill 1168 known as the “One Certified Librarian Per Public School” bill.
    • Ask your State Senator to support Senate Bill 964 known as the “Keep Certified Librarians in Public Schools” bill. 
    • Find out who your State Senators and Representatives are and how to contact them here.